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Chris Hobbs has been working in the Entertainment Industry all around the World for more than 40 years. In Partnership with Brand Leaders he is now opening his own Los Angeles based company: CL HOBBS LLC.


Some people love going through all the possible products, some just want to spend their day off reading a book beside some water (me!). At CL HOBBS we happily cater to both. For those of you who want in depth Product Knowledge we’ll happily chew your ear off with inside knowledge of how the Products are machined, and assembled. What materials they use - and why. Even how they are packed for Shipping! For the ‘book and water people’ CL HOBBS only partners with manufacturers that make products that work each time and every time -  so you can relax and order what you need - and have it delivered with a minimum of fuss.


CL Hobbs is the exclusive Distributor for USA for BLACK-TEK, GRIP BITS and CINE POWER


CL HOBBS LLC   “Good People, Good Products”

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