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Compact dual output Flickerless DC Ballasts, designed to power high intensity daylight or tungsten  discharge lamps.

The ballasts are highly efficient and have been designed for DC operation.

The ballasts have advanced power management features to maximise

light output and still get the best out of the battery.

DC Ballasts 1.jpg

125/200 Watt DC Ballast

The 125/200 DC ballast is compact and reliable and is able to power either 125 200 Watt lampheads.

The ballast is designed to be battery kindly, to get the best out of the battery and to give you the longest runtime possible.

The ballast is fitted with two sockets to make it compatible with as many lampheads as possible.

The input lead is fitted with either a 4 pin Xlr of if needed, a two pin Amphenol plug.

DC Ballasts 2.jpg

The 200/400 Watt DC Ballast forms part of the System 400 which is powered by either Powerbank or Powerlight depending on your choice of battery shape.  A flexible battery belt is also available.


The 200/400 DC ballast well known for its reliability in the field of portable lighting.  It is fitted with two output sockets which makes it compatible with all of the leading lampheads on the market today.


Typically the ballast will run at full power from a fully charged Cine Power battery for almost an hour. The ballast is dimmable without any loss of colour temperature, and this will also give more runtime from the battery.

DC Ballasts 3.jpg

200/400 Watt DC Ballast

DC Ballasts 4.jpg
DC Ballasts 5.jpg

400/800 Watt DC Ballast

The 400/800 Watt DC Ballast forms an important part of the System 800, the other equally important part of the system is the Mega 30 extra battery which supplies the reliable power for the system.


The ballast is able to operate either 400 Watt HMI lamps or 800 Watt and will operate the lights at their full output.  With a fully charged battery the ballast will provide full power at 800 Watts for almost an hour.


System 800 has been well proven in many remote and obscure locations and is relied upon by many leading lighting rental houses.


The ballast is available with either the Canon ITT socket or with the Amphenol C-16 socket.

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