AirRig- GripKit

The GripKit is the most versatile System for rigging a camera on any flat surface especially cars.
With its design you can easily change between different shapes of suction cups depending on the available surface.


AirRig-GripKit - Suction-Tripod-System includes:
2 x AirRig 3 - 3 point vacuum plate
1 x AirRig 2 - 2 point vacuum plate
3 x VariClamp
1 x LightMount
1 x TwistClamp
1 x CarHook
1 x FixClamp
1 x Bowl-100-Kit
1 x CamPlate M
1 x AirRigPump - Fully automatic vacuum pump
2 x Distance- and angle adaptor
11 x Vacuum stamps in different shapes
1 x PipeKit
1 x PipeKit XL
1 x Set KeeLite Clamps
Tools and Screws
Airhoses in different lengths


CL Hobbs v11 HD RGB black
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