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HD 40

HD 40 1.jpg

The HD 40 is a high capacity NiMh battery which has the flexibility to be used as a 12 - 14 volt 40Ah battery or it can be switched to use both 12 -14 Volts and 24 - 28 Volts simultaneously.

The battery is compact, tough and reliable.

The HD 40 has both led meters to display simultaneous voltage and current, when the meters are turned off there is a bar graph to show you the battery level at a glance.

The real time metering is an invaluable aid while running complex and demanding digital setups, it allows the operators to easily monitor their power usage.

All Cine Power batteries have a low battery warning function, and again this is to assist the operator by warning them when the battery voltage is getting low.

This is a unique feature that has been incorporated into our batteries for many years, often imitated but never copied.

HD 40 2-.jpg

HD 40

Voltage       12-14V / 24-28V

Capacity     40 / 20 Ah  576 Wh

Dimension  L 232mm x W 149 x H 293mm

Weight         12.4kg

Charger       Mega Charger

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