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The GF-9 Crane is a professional lightweight and modular crane for remote head operation. It can be built as small as 1 m / 3’ arm and extends to a maximum height of 10.05 m / 33’ where it will carry a remote head and camera system of 25 kg / 55 lbs. All smaller versions carry at least 30 kg / 66 lbs. The GF-9 is extremely portable and mobile, designed with safety, ease of transportation and stability in mind. It mounts on a purpose built, heavy-duty tripod and can also fit on the GF-8 Base Dolly and in fact most standard dolly systems with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts.

Cranes. GF9. Hero Pic 01.jpg


  • Remote operation up to 10.05 m / 33’

  • Accommodates remote heads / cameras from 25kg/55lbs to 45kg/99lbs

  • Ultra modular design

  • Lightweight aluminium parts

  • No special extension needed for front or back thanks to angle adjuster system

  • Extremely stable arm

  • Fits on most dollies

  • Surface hardened finish (Hart-Coat®)

  • Dedicated tripod

  • TÜV Certified and Safety Type Tested

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TUV-Safety Tested.jpg
Cranes. GF9 Version Build Chart.jpg
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