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The GF-16 Crane System is the ultimate in »big« modular, rideable and remote cranes. It satisfies the demands of the crane operator when it comes to safety, transport, ease of assembly and in- shot stability as well as giving the DOP an amazing range of choice to create that dream shot.

Cranes. GF16 Hero Pic.jpg


  • Ultra modular design

  • Easy rigging assembly

  • Fast and logical set-up

  • Extremely stable arm

  • Over / underslung remote bracket

  • 2-part counterweight bucket

  • Height adjustable mounting column

  • Base dolly with double ended steering

  • Operates on 100 cm / 39” track

  • Surface hardened finish (Hart-Coat®)

  • Fits on 2 dedicated transport trolleys

  • TÜV Certified and Safety Type Tested

Cranes. GF16 Pic 02.jpg
TUV-Safety Tested.jpg
Cranes. GF16. Platform Riding
Cranes. GF16. More Features._edited.jpg
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