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The GF-Mini Jib is a lightweight, stable, compact jib for camera packages weighing up to 30 kg / 66 lbs. It provides smooth, vibration free movements in tight, confined spaces whether working off a dolly or tripod. The complete GF-Mini Jib set fits into one flight case.

Jibs. Mini Jib. Hero Pic 01.jpg

GF-7700 GF-Mini Jib consisting of:

  • Fixed length front arm

  • Crankable counterweight end

  • Tilt friction and brakes

  • Fitting for double Euro-adapter or extension tubes

  • Double Euro-adapter

  • 2 counterweight rods

Jibs. Mini Jib. Tech Specs.jpg
Jibs. Mini Jib. Counterweight pic 02.jpg

Its counterweight arm can be steplessly adjusted by
a crank and extended up to a max. of 100 cm. A user- friendly brake attached to the end of the GF-Mini Jib also serves as friction, depending on the tight-ening torque. Most Jib Arm components are made of alumini- um and have a very hard and durable surface protecti- on (Hart-Coat®).

Jibs. Mini Jib. Travel Case.jpg
Jibs. Mini Jib. Jib Mounting Options 01.

Different camera mounting positions

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