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Track. GF Track. Hero 01.jpg


  • A combination of high grade stainless steel tubing mounted on Standard or Strengthened hard coated aluminium extrusions

  • For Dolly and Crane operation

  • Stable under heavy load

  • Foldable in either direction, straight track

  • Exchangeable end sections, precision 
    stainless steel joints

  • High precision – machine calibrated, stainless steel tubes

  • Compatible with GF-Steel Track

  • TÜV Certified Safety Type Tested

Track. GF track. Hero 02.jpg
Track. GF Track. Curved. 01.jpg
Track. GF TRack. Dolly Stopper.jpg
Track. GF Track. Starter Ramp.jpg
Track. GF Track. Order Code Numbers.jpg
Track. GF Track. Certificate.jpg
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