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The GF-Baby Jib is a stable, very compact jib with an arm length of only 45 cm / 1’ 6” (pivot point to Euro-adapter). It is ideal for working off dollies in tight confined spaces as it provides additional pan and tilt adjustment plus smooth, vibration free movements. It weighs less than 16 kg / 35 lbs.

Jibs. Baby Jib 01.jpg

GF-7600 GF-Baby Jib consisting of:

  • Fixed length front arm

  • Crankable counterweight end

  • Tilt friction and brakes

  • Fitting for double Euro-adapter or
    extension tubes

  • Double Euro-adapter

  • 2 counterweight rods

Jibs.Baby Jib. Tech Specs.jpg
Jibs. Baby Jib. Transit Case.jpg
Jibs. Baby Jib. Counerweight pic 01.jpg

The counterweight end of the GF-Baby Jib Arm adjusts from 31 cm / 1’ to 63 cm / 2’ enabling perfect balance at any angle. The tilt »drag« can be adjusted to suit the individual operators’ preferences.

Jibs. Baby Jib. Camera Mounting Options
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