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HD 20

The HD 20 Battery is specially tailored for the latest digital cameras and recording equipment.

 It is a powerful robust single battery block designed to provide 20Ah at low voltage only, or 15Ah with simultaneous low and high voltages available.

HD20 1.jpg

The HD 20 Camera Battery has been specially tailored for the HD Camera environment with advanced output monitoring.

The battery offers high power, long life, reliability, performance and flexibility with compact and rugged design features to withstand the challenging conditions often encountered during production.

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HD20 3.jpg

HD 20

Voltage       12-14V / 24-28V

Capacity     20 / 10 Ah   280 Wh

Dimension  L 180mm x W 152 x H 152mm

Weight         6.5kg

Charger       Super Silver

Designed for the demanding digital production equipment

    20Ah at 12V-14V or 10Ah at 12V-14V / 24V - 28V

Voltage and Current output meters

Fully sealed high energy battery cells

Non-hazardous, suitable for air transport without restrictions


High capacity battery designed for sustained heavy discharge

Unique automatic over-discharge protection to prolong battery life

Led Low battery Warning

Internal self-resetting electronic fuses


Tough, rugged design & construction to withstand rental environment use

Designed to be charged by a standard Cine Power Charger – Super Silver Charger, the same universal charger is used to charge our camera or grip batteries, simplifying charger inventory in a rental or equipment pool environment


No need to discharge your battery before charging

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