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The 10 Ah Cine Power V battery has been designed primarily for Grip applications, it is a 15 Volt 10 Ah battery and is able to deliver much higher current than the ordinary V Mount battery.


These batteries are widely used with cable rigs and have an added function as balance weights too.

They are constructed with high discharge NiMh cells and are fitted with a 4 pin XLR as an output socket.


The range of V batteries have a dedicated charger to fast charge them and keep them at their optimum.

The Cine Power V Mount batteries are standard V mount batteries made with NiMh chemistry.


They are a Safe to Fly alternative to the hazardous Lithium batteries, and are available in both 9Ah NiMh or 4.5 Ah NiMh 12 - 14 Volts.


The batteries are machined out of high performance polymers and are packed full of Cine Power technology and reliability.

They have, fitted as standard a low voltage warning and cutout function.  This is designed to warn you when the battery voltage is getting low and will then turn off the power to protect both the equipment and the battery at low voltage.


This range of batteries can only be charged by our Cine Power V charger.  This will give you the maximum life span and reliability for your battery.

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V Mount

4.5Ah  L 140mm x W 80mm x H 50mm  Weight 1.1kg

9Ah     L 160mm x W 90mm x H 65mm  Weight 2.1kg

10Ah   L 170mm x W 95mm x H 75mm  Weight 2.7kg

Charger  V Charger

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