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Non hazardous, suitable for air transport without restrictions

Ultra high capacity 28V or 30V NiMH battery

1 x 28V/30V outputs

Advanced digital features with tough rugged design and construction

Internal 2 x 50Amp SB fuses

LED discharge indication:  LED Battery level meter

Typical life expectancy of 4 – 5 years in regular use

The Crane Power NiMH Battery is an ultra high capacity 28V or 30V  30Ah NiMH battery. One of our most powerful batteries,

Crane Power which is able to safely supply peak 120 Amps or 100 amps continuously.


Additionally available for Crane Power batteries we can offer a heavy duty Commoning Block enabling longer run time from 2 x Crane Power batteries together or to facilitate “hot swap” change over of fresh batteries.


The battery is fitted with a special over-discharge protection device. Yellow and red LED’s will give prior warning that the cut-off point is close.

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Crane Power 3.jpg

Designed to power applications where there is a demand for greater power and extended run-times.  Crane Power is a powerful, robust, rugged battery which will give typically 4 – 6 years of full battery capacity service before requiring replacement cell blocks, (available as spares).

Crane Power  can be auto fast charged with the Cine Power Mega Charger.

Crane Power

Voltage       28V

Capacity     30 Ah  864 Wh

Dimension  L 210mm x W 189 x H 285mm

Weight        18kg

Charger      Mega Charger

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