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Powerlight is a 30 Volt 15 Ah NiMh Lighting battery.

It has a unique construction and shape which makes it ideal for

portable lighting applications.  The housing is lightweight and yet durable enough to stand up to the rigours of the lighting rental environment.


The battery can be carried by its handle or comfortable by a shoulder strap.  The battery also has a unique lock plate on the side to lock on either a 200 Watt or a 200/400 Watt DC Ballast.

Powerlight is fitted with two output sockets.  One is a 4 pole speakon to power higher current applications the other is a 2 pin Amphenol connector used in some countries.  It is also available with  with a 4 pin XLR socket.


The battery is fast charged with our Super Silver charger to give you the maximum performance.

Powerbank 2.jpg


Voltage       30 V

Capacity     15 Ah  450 Wh

Dimension  L 245mm x W 120 x H 310mm

Weight         7.2kg

Charger       Super Silver

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