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Cranes. GF8 and GF8 Xtn KingKong Boat pi

GF-8 / GF-8 XTEN

The GF-8 Crane System is the industry standard in modular, rideable and remote cranes. It is versatile, durable and provides unmatched ease of movement and steady crane moves. The uncomplicated and fast build make the GF-8 the perfect tool. By adding the Xten Kit, the standard GF-8 crane can be extended to a GF-8 Xten Crane providing extra height and lift range.

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GFM-POSTER_02 GF-8 V3-V8.jpg


TS 16 V1.jpg


Cranes. GF9. Hero Pic 01.jpg


The GF-9 Crane is a professional lightweight and modular crane for remote head operation. It can be built as small as 1 m / 3’ arm and extends to a maximum height of 10.05 m / 33’ where it will carry a remote head and camera system of 25 kg / 55 lbs. All smaller versions carry at least 30 kg / 66 lbs. The GF-9 is extremely portable and mobile, designed with safety, ease of transportation and stability in mind. It mounts on a purpose built, heavy-duty tripod and can also fit on the GF-8 Base Dolly and in fact most standard dolly systems with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts.

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Cranes. GF16 Hero Pic.jpg


The GF-16 Crane System is the ultimate in »big« modular, rideable and remote cranes. It satisfies the demands of the crane operator when it comes to safety, transport, ease of assembly and in- shot stability as well as giving the DOP an amazing range of choice to create that dream shot.

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