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Ultra high precision slider available in in lengths from 25” to 96”.  Supplied with precision ground stainless steel runners and rollers, 360 degree lockable rotation and adjustable magnetic stops.  Mitchell, 150m/m or 100m/m top fittings, support bars and slider friction units also available.


The Ronford-Baker Slider is available in many lengths and can be made to your specific requirements.

The slider is CNC machined from high tensile aluminium stress relieved ‘Tooling Plate’, and anodised to suit. Designed for maximised
carriage travel, with a minimum height of 4 ¾” (12 cm). Mitchell to Mitchell fitting, with an overall width of just 10″ (25 cm). The whole unit has a lockable rotation of 360 degrees.


Ultra high precision, ground stainless steel runners and rollers.

  • 360 degree lockable rotation

  • ‘Soft stop’ adjustable buffers or adjustable magnetic stops

  • Available in length from 640 mm (25″) to 2440 mm (8’)

  • ‘Tritium’ spirit level

  • Mitchell to Mitchell fitting & 150m/m Bowl available for top

  • Linear damper available

The RB Slider is available in different sizes. Starting at 25″ and then available at 35″, 42″, 48″, 72″ and 96″


Motorised Slider

How do they shoot those silky-smooth timelapse travelling shots? Or a precisely moving, gliding tabletop product shot?

Sliders are great, but they’re only as smooth as the finesse with which you can operate them. For really smooth slider moves, the trick is to be sure you’re using the new Ronford-Baker Motorised Slider.

Its controller is a zoom control-sized hand unit that you can program for feathered starts and stops.

The motor moves a 4-keyed Mitchell mount along the slider with a toothed belt at speeds from fast 1 ft/sec to slow 1 ft/min. You can add the Motorised Unit to existing Ronford Sliders, or order the complete set. It’s available in lengths from 25” to 96”, and custom lengths as well.

Motorised Slider Specification
Max Load: approx. 70 kg
Top speed: 1 foot per second (1 meter in 3 seconds)
Min speed: approx. 1 meter in 3 minutes
Weight of Slider Motor unit: 6 kg
Voltage: 24 – 36 V

  • Programmable soft stops with adjustable
    feathered starts and stops

  • Adjustable speed and direction

  • Easily fitted onto any Ronford-Baker slider.

  • Hand Controller can be fitted with rosette for pan bar mounting

  • Precision ground stainless steel runners and rollers


Slider Specification
Lengths: 25, 35, 42, 48, 72, 96 inches,
and custom sizes
Mount: Mitchell Flat Base, 150 mm or
100 mm Bowl
Minimum height: 4 ¾” (12 cm).
Overall width of slider: 10” (25 cm).
Rotation: lockable rotation of 360 degrees


Slider Accessories

  • RF.SL-CB Support bars & rubber suckers for car bonnet mounting.

  • RF.SL-CBR Support bars & rubber suckers, Rosette Version

  • RF.SL-LEV Levelling Feet (x4)

  • RF.SL-FR Slider Friction

  • RF.SL-150 150m/m Bowl

  • RF.SL-100 100 m/m Bowl

  • RF.SL-MON Monopod

  • RF.SL-BM 150mm Ball to Mitchell Plate Adapter

  • RF.SLC Slider Carriage


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