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Compact, rugged, no-nonsense power for your camera.


The Camera Power 30 is a compact dual voltage battery.

The dual voltage feature was first introduced into the Film industry by Cine Power in the form of the Hollywood Powerhouse, this too was a battery which could be relied upon to deliver the power.


Camera Power 30 is a workhorse for the Camera dept.  It is a compact and powerful battery designed to run the hungry digital cameras in use today.

 With the flexibility to provide both 12-14 Volts and 24-28 Volts simultaneously, this battery is more than able to power the variety of cameras on the market today.

Unique automatic overdischarge protection to prolong battery life

Internal self resetting electronic fuses


Ultra low-loss construction to provide maximum power output

Neutrik gold plated low loss XLR connectors fitted as standard


Rugged and reliable

Non-hazardous, suitable for air transport


With rugged, solid construction, Powerbank will give you extremely reliable performance for years and years and years.... even in the Rental Business.

Camera Power 30_02.jpg


Voltage       12-14V / 24-28V

Capacity     30 / 15 Ah   428 Wh

Dimension  L 218mm x W 125x H 260mm

Weight         7.5kg

Charger       Super Silver

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