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Geared Head Simulator

GHS 01.jpg


With our dedicated GearedHeadSimulator, you can practice gear head operation anywhere, anytime. 

Just hook up the interfacebox to your computer (MAC or PC) and start to control the camera with the balanced handwheels.
We have developed a software with realistic scenarios including randomly moving objects that will challenge you even if you are an experienced operator. The camera position and the field of view (aka focal length, if you want) can be adjusted freely. Acceleration, speed, direction and damping can be set on all axis. 
To monitor your learning curve, you can record and play back takes so you can concentrate on operating and evaluate afterwards.

The included clamps allow easy fixation of the wheels to tables or pipes. 
The Box includes:
2 balanced hand wheel encoder
2 Universal-Clamps
1 Interfacebox with USB
1 USB Cable
1 Memorystick with Software (PC/MAC)


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