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SR 3 Charger is a microprocessor controlled intelligent fast charger  for the range of Cine Power NiMh Film Onboard batteries.

Chargers are an integral part of the Cine Power battery system designed to rapid charge NiMh or NiCd batteries.  The dependability of Cine Power batteries is based on their rugged construction and the unique charger technology pioneered by

Elemér L.A. Nyíry.

Proprietary intelligent microprocessor control and multi-stage charging extends battery service life.  There is no need to recell batteries on a regular basis.

The CPI Super Silver Charger is an intelligent fast charger for Film onboard NiMH batteries. The charger combines advanced electronic design and microprocessor control with the latest in power control technology. The result is a unique, compact, advanced battery charger capable of delivering a high rate of charge with no fear of damage to the battery.


Recharge time will be proportional to the depth of discharge and the Ah rating of the battery under charge. There is no need to discharge the battery before recharging.


The charger is simple to use and virtually automatic in operation. Irrespective of the level of charge remaining in the battery, it will recharge the battery at a rapid rate, known as fast charge , until the battery is fully charged, when it will switch over to a maintenance charge. This maintenance charge will ensure the battery is ready for use at a moment’s notice, 100% fully charged.

SR 3 charger is able to charge two batteries simultaneously.

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Indicator lights clearly show the state of charge, as well as indicating a batteryor connection fault.

Operates worldwide, switchable to either 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz.

No need to discharge the battery before charge.

Fully Automatic

Advanced microprocessor detects state of the battery and charges at the appropriate rate.

Battery can be left connected to the charger on standby indefinitely without fear of overcharging.


Diagnostic abilities and enhanced battery/charger communication

Advanced algorithms extend battery service life

Designed to charge Cine Power batteries


Tough, rugged design and construction to withstand rental environment use

Cold charging function to allow charging of batteries below 0 degrees Celcius

Proven and Reliable

SR 3  Charger

Voltage   110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz

Dimension  L 210mm x W 125mm x H 93mm

Weight        2.6kg

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