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The Smart Cable is a self contained Dual in-line Current and Voltmeter.

The unit incorporates two LCD meters for simultaneous display of the voltage and current consumption.


Featuring the latest electronic design, the unit draws its power direct from the supply line it is monitoring - unlike cable meters that are powered by an internal battery.

Special features


Practical inline design - no special adaptors to fiddle with

Extremely compact rugged design

Fitted with gold plated Neutrik connectors as standard

Virtually no insertion loss

Easy to read LED meters

Automatic zeroing and polarity indication

No batteries required

Reverse polarity protected

Neglegable power consumption

Use your Smart cable to:


Troubleshoot power problems

Monitor a load

Identify power-hungry equipment

Test equipment by measuring how much power it consumes

Save time!

Input Voltage:       9 - 40 V CD

Supported load current:    0 - 15 A DC MAX

Module drain current:       15mA typ.

Protection:          Reverse polarity protected,

                        not fitted with a fuse.

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